Why use I Staff Business Services?

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Why use I Staff Business Services?

Finding an employee who is a perfect match for a company and its corporate culture is often difficult. Let I Staff Business Services assist you in finding temporary or full time workers and match your company specific needs.


I Staff Business Services level of expertise far exceeds most employers’ human resources departments. Our continuous placement of employees greatly expands job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices. Let us provide you a service that rivals the best qualified recruiters and employment specialists, all at a lower cost.


Let I Staff Business Services save you money by managing your company's entire employment process. This includes pre-employment testing, background investigations and drug screening. You can rely on us to provide you with qualified employees at remarkable savings.


We provide you access to our ever growing network of dependable, reliable and conscientious workers
who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days or even hours.


I Staff Business Services gives you the opportunity to observe employee performance, qualifications and work habits before offering the temporary worker full time employment. Using our services for high-volume placements can result in tremendous savings related to turnover and training costs.